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Restaurant Insurance in Texas

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What is restaurant insurance?

From kitchen fires to parking lot falls, restaurants in Texas are exposed to a wide range of risks. Restaurant insurance may help protect against risks such as these.

Restaurant insurance offers tailored coverage that’s specifically designed for restaurants. Most policies offer coverage against both property and liability risks that restaurants face.

Who needs restaurant liability insurance in Texas?

Most Texas restaurants should have restaurant liability insurance. Without insurance, a single accident could lead to financially devastating legal costs.

Restaurant policies typically include both liability and property protections, which also are important. This tends to be the best way for sit-down restaurants to get these protections. For instance, policies are commonly purchased by:

  • Steakhouses, seafood restaurants, and other high-end establishments
  • Family-friendly restaurants, diners, buffets, and other more casual places
  • Pizza places, fast food restaurants, and fast-casual eateries
  • Cafes, coffee shops, teahouses, and bistros

For other businesses in the industry, policies such as catering insurance or food truck insurance may be more applicable.

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Restaurant Insurance Texas

What property coverages should restaurants consider when getting insurance?

Restaurants generally should insure most of what they own with property coverage. Because restaurants have different types of property to insure, these policies often include several important coverages:

Commercial Building Coverage

May insure a restaurant’s physical premises if it owns a building. This can include the building itself, a parking lot, and any outdoor seating area.

Tenant’s Betterment Coverage

May insure the build-out for a restaurant if it leases a space. This can include both front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) improvements that the restaurant makes.

Commercial Contents Coverage

May insure items located at a restaurant’s premises (whether owned or leased). This can include kitchen appliances, cookware, computers, tableware, , decor, furniture, and many other items.

Food Contamination Coverage

May insure against losses due to food spoilage that occurs as a result of specific events, like power outages or fires.

It’s important to make sure a policy’s property coverages meet a restaurant’s specific needs. For example, a waterfront restaurant with a dock would probably need building coverage that includes the dock. Other places might have other less common coverage needs. An insurance agent who specializes in restaurant policies can make sure a chosen policy has all of the needed protections.

What types of restaurant liability insurance are important to have?

As with property coverages, there are also several important restaurant liability insurance protections to consider. Some of these are:

General Liability Coverage

Might cover basic incidents involving customers or vendors, such as slip and fall accidents, that occur on a restaurant’s premises. Typically also applies if accused of false advertising or defamation.

Liquor Liability Coverage

Might cover incidents involving intoxicated customers, including physical altercations, sexual assaults, DUI accidents, and alcohol poisonings.

Product Liability Coverage

Might cover illness or injury caused by served foods/beverages, such as serious food poisoning or choking.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

Might cover legal costs that exceed the limit of another restaurant liability insurance coverage.

Restaurant Insurance Texas

Do restaurants need specific coverage for hosting private events?

Restaurants that frequently host private events like fundraisers, corporate parties, rehearsal dinners, or larger private gatherings should confirm that their chosen policy provides coverage for such gatherings. Some policies might not, but most can as either a standard or optional feature.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can check whether a policy includes coverage for these gatherings.

How much does insuring a restaurant cost?

The cost of insuring a restaurant can vary based on location, size, menu offerings, sales volume, claims history, and many other factors. Policies tend to be affordable, though, and are almost certainly less than what even one claim could cost.

An easy way for restaurants to find out how much their insurance will be is to work with an independent agent. Independent agents aren’t linked to any one insurer, so they can check quotes from several companies.

Restaurant Insurance Texas

Where can Texas restaurants get restaurant insurance?

For help insuring a restaurant that’s in Texas, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Kirk Insurance Agency. We’ll make sure you find a restaurant insurance policy that’ll protect your place well.

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