Food Truck Insurance in Texas

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Food Truck Insurance in Texas

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What is food truck insurance?

Operating a food truck requires a not-insignificant investment of capital and time, and such investments should be protected when possible. Food truck insurance can help operators in Texas protect their businesses against a variety of risks.

Food trucks are similar to restaurants in some ways, and to commercial vehicles in other ways. Food truck insurance may provide a variety of restaurant and vehicle protections for these businesses.

What businesses in Texas is food cart insurance for?

Food cart insurance is something that most mobile food businesses should have. Food trucks, food carts, and similar businesses in Texas might all get this insurance. For example, policies are regularly used to insure:

  • Standard and specialty food trucks
  • Ethnic food trucks and carts
  • Ice cream trucks and bikes
  • Hot dog carts and stands
  • Festival concessionaires

Restaurants that have a food truck for special events likely also need food cart coverages, in addition to other restaurant coverages. Many restaurant policies can be modified so that they include food cart coverages within their protections.

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Food Truck Insurance Texas

What coverages can food cart insurance policies provide?

Food cart insurance policies normally come with a variety of protections. While exact protections can vary, coverage options typically include:

Commercial Vehicle Coverage

Could cover a truck, insuring against accidents when it’s being driven and other causes of damage when not being driven. This is normally a required coverage.

Commercial Property Coverage

Could cover stoves, ovens, fryers, small wares, a tablet, and other items that are on a food truck. Items might be covered when the truck is being driven, set up at a location, or parked during downtime.

Inland Marine Coverage

Could cover appliances, small wares, a tablet, ingredients, and other items specifically when a truck is being driven between locations. Whether this is needed depends on a commercial property coverage’s terms.

General Liability Coverage

Could cover common (non-auto) accidents that occur around a truck and result in injury to third parties, such as tripping over an extension cord. Injuries to customers, other vendors, and event staff might be covered.

Product Liability Coverage

Could cover illnesses and injuries caused by the foods or beverages that a food truck serves to customers. E. coli, salmonella, allergic reactions, and choking might be among covered incidents.

Liquor Liability Coverage

Could cover situations where a food truck is accused of overserving a customer, who is injured or harms another party. If serving alcohol, this may be required by event hosts or local jurisdictions.

Commercial Umbrella Coverage

Could provide additional liability protection for major claims that exceed the limits of these other liability coverages.

An insurance agent who specializes in food trucks and carts can review exactly what protections a policy affords.

Food Truck Insurance Texas

Do food trucks need to get workers compensation coverage?

Workers compensation is an important protection for employees. Should an employee be injured on the job, this might cover their medical costs and some of their lost wages. It can provide important assistance for employees, and potentially help prevent employers from being sued over workplace accidents.

Texas is one of the few states that normally doesn’t require employers to have workers compensation. It’s broadly recommended if a business has employees, however, as workplace accidents can be financially devastating if workers comp isn’t in place. 

Most food trucks that have employees should strongly consider workers comp. Those that are owner-operated without employees may forgo the coverage.

Do food trucks need additional insurance coverages when at events?

Food trucks and carts occasionally need to adjust their insurance policy for specific events that they go to. For instance, food trucks may want to add these coverages if they aren’t already included in a policy:

Short-Term Workers Compensation Coverage

May be recommended if hiring an employee for a particularly large and busy event.

Temporary Location Coverage

May be recommended if going to an event outside of where a policy normally provides coverage (e.g. another state).

Cancelation or Interruption Coverage

May be recommended in case an event is postponed or canceled.

Additional Insured Endorsement

May be required by event hosts, allowing them to file a claim against a food truck’s policy.

Short-Term Liquor Liability Coverage

May be recommended if serving alcohol at a single event.


If any of these are needed, they usually can be added onto a food truck policy. This is something that a knowledgeable insurance agent can assist with.

Where can food trucks get food truck insurance?

If you need help insuring a food truck that’s in Texas, contact the independent insurance agents at Kirk Insurance Agency. We’ll help you find food truck insurance that’ll protect your business well.

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