Landscaping Insurance in Texas

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Landscaping Insurance in Texas

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What is landscaping insurance?

Working as a landscaper comes with its own rewards, as few other jobs provide a sustainable living while being outside so much. The work also comes with risks, though, including both liability and property risks. Landscaping insurance can help Texas landscapers protect themselves from many of the risks, so they can focus on designing, shaping and maintaining green spaces.

Landscaping insurance provides specialized commercial coverages for landscapers and their businesses. Policies normally come with multiple coverages, which can be 

Which Texas businesses should carry lawn care insurance?

Texas businesses should consider lawn care insurance if they provide landscaping or lawn care services. This includes individuals, small businesses and major companies in the industry. 

Businesses that specialize in lawn care, and those that provide more robust landscaping design services, both may want a policy. So too might individuals who mow and trim lawns part- or full-time.

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Landscaping Insurance Texas

What kind of coverages does lawn care insurance offer?

The precise protections offered by lawn care policies can differ, but most have some fairly common coverages. These often include:

Commercial Property Coverage

Might cover landscaper-owned owned facilities and equipment, while the equipment is at a facility.

Inland Marine Coverage

Might cover owned equipment during transportation between customer locations. Covered equipment could include riding lawnmowers, push lawnmowers, trimmers and other items.

General Liability Coverage

Might cover common accidents for which the business could be held liable. Normally extends protection to accidents involving third-party injury or property damage.

Errors and Omissions Coverage

Might cover when landscapers or employees give bad advice to customers. Is often referred to as “E&O coverage.”

Product Liability Coverage

Might cover accidents caused by sold or applied products. Normally extends protection to products that cause third-party injury or property damage.

Pollution Liability Coverage

Might cover environmental damage caused by chemicals used in landscaping. Could extend protection to damaged customer property, neighbor property or other properties.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Might cover vehicles owned by the business, such as trucks and vans. Normally extends protection to accidents and other incidents involving the vehicles.

Commercial Umbrella Coverage

  • Might offer additional protection in case of costly liability lawsuits that exceed an underlying coverage’s limit.

Landscapers should consult with insurance agents specialized in these policies to understand all available coverage options. Policies frequently also have business interruption coverage, cyber liability coverage and still more coverage options.

Landscaping Insurance Texas

Does lawn care insurance cover employee injuries?

Coverages such as general liability may cover injuries from common accidents, but their protections usually only apply to injuries that third parties sustain. For instance, general liability may apply if a customer, vendor or passerby is hurt.

Employees normally aren’t considered third parties, however, and their injuries are less likely to be covered by the standard protections of a lawn care insurance policy. 

Landscapers who want to make sure employees’ injuries will be covered in most situations can opt to include workers compensation within their policy. Workers compensation normally applies specifically to job-related injuries.

How much does insurance companies charge for landscaping policies?

The cost of landscaping policies can vary, with insurance providers considering a range of factors when setting rates. These factors can include:

  • Service area
  • Range of services provided
  • Types of chemicals used
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Location and size of facilities
  • Recent insurance claims history
Landscaping Insurance Texas

To find out how much insurance will cost in a specific situation, landscapers can work with an independent agent who’s able to request custom quotes from several companies. Independent insurance agents aren’t connected with any single insurance company, and can therefore compare quotes from multiple companies.

How can landscaping businesses in Texas obtain landscaping insurance?

If you have a landscaping or lawn care business in Texas, we at Kirk Insurance Agency can help make sure you and your business are well protected. Contact our independent insurance agents today, and one of our team members will work closely with you to find a landscaping insurance policy that provides extensive protections. We’ve helped many small business owners in the state, and are ready to assist you.

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