Farm and Ranch Insurance in Texas

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Farm and Ranch Insurance in Texas

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What is farm and ranch insurance?

Running a ranch requires substantial investment, and this investment could be lost to theft, vandalism, fire, hail and other risks. Farms and ranches should be protected against risks like these whenever possible. One way that Texas ranchers can protect against many risks is by purchasing farm and ranch insurance.

Farm and ranch insurance delivers customized coverage for farmers, ranchers and other agricultural businesses. Policies may include protection for farm equipment, livestock, buildings, liability risks and more.

What Texas businesses need farm and ranch policies?

The majority of Texas ranchers and farmers should consider this insurance. Farm and ranch policies cater to a broad spectrum of agricultural operations. The following are some examples of agricultural businesses that could likely benefit from a policy’s coverages:

  • Beef cattle, equestrian and specialty ranchers
  • Traditional, urban and organic farmers
  • Hobbyist ranchers and homesteaders

While farm and ranch policies are typically broadly available for these businesses, farmers and ranchers should look for a policy that’s specifically tailored to their particular operation. An insurance agent with expertise in these policies can help determine the most suitable policy for your operations.

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farm and ranch insurance texas

What coverages can ranchers access through farm and ranch policies?

Ranches necessitate multiple coverages, so most farm and ranch ranch policies come with several coverages that work together. The majority of these can be categorized into property insurance, liability insurance, and personal insurance for ranchers.

Property insurance generally covers assets owned by the ranch or farm, excluding personal housing or belongings. Some frequently available property coverages include:

Barn and Outbuilding Coverage:

Could cover facilities, barns, stables, silos, sheds and similar commercial structures.

Ranch Contents Coverage:

Could cover equipment, machines, tools, feed, livestock, and other non-personal items.

Commercial Vehicle Coverage:

Could cover ranch-owned pickups, flatbeds, box trucks, equipment trailers and livestock trailers.

Livestock Coverage:

Could cover herds or individual animals or in the event of their catastrophic death due to specified causes.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage:

Could cover unexpected malfunctions of essential equipment like tractors, harvesters or irrigation systems.

Loss of Business Income Coverage:

Could cover an extended loss of income following a disaster.

Liability insurance for ranchers is typically employed to protect against scenarios where a rancher might be held financially accountable for another’s injury. Some liability coverages commonly included in these policies are:

General Liability Coverage:

May cover ordinary accidents occurring on a ranch’s property, should they cause third-party injury or property damage.

Product Liability Coverage:

May cover goods produced on a ranch, should they cause injury, death, or damage.

Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage:

May cover costly lawsuits with additional protection, should they exceed an underlying coverage’s limit.

Personal insurance for ranchers typically safeguards family-owned possessions, rather than those owned by the ranch. Two commonly acquired personal insurance coverages include:

Household Dwelling Coverage:

Could cover a farmhouse, ranch house or similar buildings situated on a ranch’s property.

Household Personal Property Coverage:

Could cover household items, potentially including furniture, clothing, kitchenware, personal electronics and similar belongings

farm and ranch insurance texas

Which types of equipment can farm equipment insurance cover?

Farm equipment insurance can encompass most types of agricultural machinery utilized on a ranch. Coverage might extend to tractors, balers, harvesters, irrigation systems, backhoes, forklifts and similar equipment. Registered road vehicles usually fall under commercial vehicle coverage instead of farm equipment coverage.

Whether feeders are covered through outbuilding coverage, ranch contents coverage or farm equipment insurance coverage normally depends on the terms of coverage and type of feeder.

How much does it cost to insure a farm or ranch?

The costs of insuring a farm or ranch are based on numerous factors. A ranch’s location, size, equipment, livestock, and produced goods are just a few of the aspects that can impact the premiums charged. The most straightforward way to ascertain the cost of insuring a specific ranch is to consult an independent insurance agent. 

farm and ranch insurance texas

How can Texas ranchers acquire farm and ranch insurance?

For assistance with insuring a Texas farm or ranch, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Kirk Insurance Agency. Our agents will work with you to identify the particular coverages your ranch requires. We will then review multiple farm and ranch insurance policies with you, and ultimately select the best policy for your operation.

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