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EPLI Insurance in Texas

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What is EPLI insurance?

From the moment a Texas business welcomes its first employee, the business is exposed to potential employment risks. The financial consequences can be costly if an employee claims they were somehow discriminated against. Businesses may want EPLI insurance to help protect against such risk.

EPLI insurance is specialized commercial liability coverage for employment risks. Policies can cover a variety of situations where an employer might allegedly discriminate against an employee.

Which Texas businesses need an employment practices liability insurance policy? 

Employment practices liability insurance can help almost any Texas business that has employees. Coverage could be important if a business has just one employee.

In fact, businesses sometimes get a policy when they’re interviewing their first employee. Even an applicant could alledge that a business discriminated against them, and file a lawsuit against the business.

If there’s any possible situation where an employee could claim they were discriminated against, then purchasing this type of insurance would likely be wise.

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EPLI Insurance Texas

What types of claims are covered under employment practices liability insurance?

Employment practices liability policies typically offer expansive protection against employee allegations of discrimination. Coverage might extend to situations such as:

  • Interns don’t receive pay for work that they should’ve been
  • Female employees receive lower pay than their male colleagues
  • Racial minority employees are assigned demeaning tasks below their position
  • LGPTQ+ employees aren’t offered advancement opportunities when others are
  • Interviewers ask prohibited questions about immigration or pregnancy
  • Interviewers forget to inform applicants that there will be background checks
  • Older employees are unduly fired because of their age

Policies may also cover various claims that a work environment is generally hostile.

Should there be a covered incident, employment practices liability insurance is apt to pay court fees, attorney fees and a settlement (subject to deductibles and limits).

EPLI Insurance Texas

Do EPLI Policies cover discrimination claims made by volunteers? 

While it’s less common, volunteer organizations sometimes can face allegations much like employees make. Volunteers might even have protections similar to those of employees in certain situations, which can leave nonprofits substantially exposed if they don’t have proper insurance.

Certain EPLI policies may extend coverage to discrimination claims filed by volunteers. If such coverage is needed, organizations should work with an insurance agent who knows employment practices liability insurance well. A knowledgeable agent will be able to check for policies that cover volunteers.

Does general liability insurance cover employment discrimination? 

General liability insurance is intended to protect against certain general risks, which are normally risks businesses face regardless of whether they have employees. General liability normally doesn’t cover discrimination claims that employees could file.

EPLI Insurance Texas

Is Employment Discrimination Covered Under Workers’ Compensation? 

Workers’ compensation is intended to protect against workplace injuries and illnesses that employees suffer because of their jobs. It, too, normally doesn’t apply to discrimination claims.

For employee-filed discrimination claims, EPLI is usually needed.

Do EPLI policies cover claims made by third parties? 

Discrimination claims made by other non-employees are also uncommon, but vendors or customers could also allege that they were unfairly discriminated against.

While not all EPLI policies cover claims by vendors or customers, some might offer this protection. If third-party claims are a significant concern, businesses can consult with a specialized insurance agent to see what coverage options are available.

How can Texas businesses get EPLI insurance? 

For assistance with EPLI insurance in Texas, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Kirk Insurance Agency. We’ve helped many businesses with their insurance needs, including finding EPLI coverage, and we’re here to assist you too. Together, we can make sure your business is well protected against discrimination claims.

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